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Cynthia“I want to thank you very much for what you do. The lessons were excellent. The reading kept my interest which is very rare in a lot of reading literature. I would highly recommend Care Courses to all friends, family and other providers... keep up the good work!”  

Cynthia, Temple Hills, Maryland

Nancy“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as I gained much knowledge and insight into the lives and needs of children. Thank you for providing a resource that provides a wealth of information that can be immediately applied to the child care setting for an affordable price!” 

Nancy, Troy, Michigan

Care Courses offers online training classes and book courses for child care providers, home visitors and parents. Use our childcare professional development clock hours for most US States continuing education inservice requirements and registries, for CDA Certification (Child Development Associate Credential), for CDA Renewal and for NAC Renewal. All our professional development courses give both Clock Hours and IACET CEUs toward CDA Renewal.

Our informative child care training programs can be completed anywhere and at any time. Study at home, at the park, or wherever is most convenient for you. Then go online to complete and submit your coursework. Our friendly, knowledgeable instructors offer unlimited free student support by phone or email, and are always happy to help!

Early childhood child care training can be fun, interesting, and relevant to your daily work and experience! We've been offering professional development classes for over 20 years; we love what we do and truly want to make your experience fantastic.

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Care Courses Home Visitor CDA Training

As part of the application requirements for a CDA, you must complete 120 hours of formal child care training. This training must cover eight subject areas as outlined by the Council for Professional Recognition, and you must complete a minimum of 10 hours of training in each subject area.  Our Home Visitor CDA Set meets all of these requirements. To learn about how each subject area is addressed by our courses, please refer to the following chart:

CDA Subject Areas
Care Courses included in the Home Visitor Set and how they apply to the CDA Subject Areas
1. Promoting health and safety in the home environment
Infants in Child Care + Toddlers in Child Care + Preschoolers in Child Care
2. Enhancing parents' skills to advance children's physical and intellectual development
Infants in Child Care + Toddlers in Child Care + Preschoolers in Child Care
3. Promoting parents' use of positive ways to support children's social and emotional development
Infants in Child Care + Toddlers in Child Care + Preschoolers in Child Care + Nurturing Children's Self-Esteem
4. Understanding family systems and development
Family Diversity + Understanding Each Other: Communicating with Families, Staff, and Your Community
5. Managing an effective home visitor program operation  Visiting Families in Their Homes
6. Maintaining a commitment to professionalism  Visiting Families in Their Homes
7. Working across the child welfare continuum
Visiting Families in Their Homes
8. Understanding principles of child development and learning
Principles of Child Development and Learning