Learning Outcomes for Children with Special Needs: Physical Disabilities

Lesson 1: What Are Physical Disabilities/Impairments?

After completing Lesson 1, you will be able to;

  • explain the purpose, content, and function of early intervention service plans;
  • identify the goals of early education for children with special needs;
  • describe signs that young children’s development is not progressing normally and report your observations to parents.

Lesson 2: Conditions That Result in Disabilities/Impairments

After completing Lesson 2, you will be able to

  • describe the symptoms of major physical disabilities;
  • explain ways to provide appropriate care for children with various physical disabilities;
  • identify and describe symptoms that signal possible problems associated with various physical impairments and share these observations with parents.

Lesson 3: Teaching Children with Physical Disabilities/Impairments

After completing Lesson 3, you will be able to

  • list appropriate goals for your early childhood program;
  • construct specific teaching guidelines and methods to meet the needs of each child with physical disabilities;
  • explain ways to adapt your curriculum to meet the needs of each child with physical disabilities.

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