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Utah Professional Development Career Ladder Training

Utah Professional Development Career Ladder Program:

Providers participating in Utah's professional career ladder may use the approved Care Courses listed below for the career ladder levels as indicated for each level.

[Find Care Courses listed on the Utah site under Professional Development: Approved Online Career Ladder Courses.]

The following courses have been approved by the  Child Care Professional Development Institute:

Career Ladder Level 1 requirement:

In addition to CPR/First Aid/Food Handlers, use this course for up to 10 of the required 30 hours of training for Career Ladder Level 1.


Career Ladder Levels 2 and 3 requirements:

You must get a minimum of 10 hours from each of the following ACDs: 40 hours total in 4 of the ACDs for Career Ladder Level 2, and 40 hours total in the remaining 4 ACDs for Career Ladder Level 3. Use the following Care Courses for up to half the required hours for each ladder level. Questions? We are here to help! info@CareCourses.com

Career Ladder Level 4 requirement:

To attain a Career Ladder Level 4 you must earn a Demonstrated Competency. One option is a CDA Credential.

Obtain a CDA with Care Courses

Career Ladder Levels 5-8 requirements:

Two options are available for obtaining Career Ladder Levels 5-8.

Option 1: Complete 40 hours of training for each of these four levels. Of the 40 hours required for each level, 20 may come from any of the courses below:

Option 2: Complete 3 CEUs of training for each of these four levels. All 3 CEUs of training may be obtained through Care Courses using any of the courses below (1 CEU = 10 Clock Hours):