Care Courses Testimonials

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Care Courses Testimonials
"I am so appreciative of being able to get my hours [Nurturing Children's Self-Esteem] through Care Courses.  I like to order the books because that allows me to work on them at my convenience. I don't have the time to commit to online and this suits my time and daycare. Thanks for your care."  - Geneva, New York

"Thank you for emailing me about my status on your programs [Observing, Recording and Assessing Children's Development and Principles of Child Development and Learning] ..... and I'm happy to report that I love these courses and they will give me the opportunity to advance in my job..... Thank you for the great classes!!!!" - Clearwater, Florida

"Thank you so much. Everything has arrived and we love the courses.  I have looked over the courses that you offer and we will be ordering more courses.  We loved the fact that we could do it at our own pace and were able to do them during the daycare children's down time (napping) in the afternoon and not have to take time out from our families during the evenings or weekends.  Thank you again." - Skowhegan, Maine

"I have been so pleased with all the courses I have purchased [Toilet Learning and Children with Special Needs: Physical Disabilities]. I live in a small town that is 60 miles from any training for my daycare. Also, most of the classes start before my day with children ends. Your courses have been a perfect solution. I don't have to worry about the date, the time or the subject matter. I plan to use Care Courses for all of my continuing education. Glad you are there.'" - Wyanet, Illinois

"Everything went well with the book courses. I really like the convenience of ordering the books and taking my time to read and answer the test questions. I can take the book to work, to the gym, anywhere. The turn-around time for my certificates was awesome. I will encourage anyone to take Care Courses." - Plant City, Florida

"My staff and myself love the convenience of the Care Courses and we have learned a lot from each course [Making Learning FunNurturing Children's Self-Esteem ] we have taken. As a school setting for the after school students ,we are required to get  20 hours of Professional Development. The staff and myself have enjoyed every course we have taken through your company and we will re order in the future." - Brockton, Massachusetts
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"I couldn’t have had a better experience with Care Courses [Biting Hurts, Social-Emotional Development in Young Children, and Toilet Learning]. I had a problem initially getting into my account to do my classes and a wonderful lady helped me RIGHT AWAY, I couldn’t believe it.  I was off work after having surgery and in bed recuperating and really thought it would be days until I heard back….THANK YOU for that.   I received my certificates very fast you guys are “Johnny on the spot.”  I have given your information to many other childcare providers in order for them to get their hours to continue with their license, and I will continue to do so. Thank you for all that you offer and the wonderful staff you have working for you." - Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"I took my course through your website and it was a great experience! The website was easy to maneuver and find desired courses! I love the convenience of the online courses you provide as well. When I called for help in submitting and getting a copy of the certificate faster, I expected to wait forever to get through or be put on hold but the support tech I talked to was quick, positive, friendly, and helped me right away to get an email saying it was completed! I was very grateful!! No hassle, just patience and seemed like he really cared! I loved it! Thank you again! I will definitely be returning for more classes!" - North Las Vegas, Nevada

"Thank you for your concern about my Care Courses order. I received the books faster than I thought, and the service was fast and efficient. I’m enjoying reading the books and learning the new perspectives to do my job more effective. May God bless all your hard work." - Elizabeth, New Jersey

"Thank You. I received my shipment  very quickly. All is going well. I'm happy to be back using this as a great resource to earn extra training hours for my job. I recommend this to everyone. It is simple to use and a great tool to use in general. Thank You so much." - Woonsocket, Rhode Island

childcare training safety course "I loved the courses [Safe Baby, Safe Child, Creating Schedules and Routines]. They were very easy to follow and had a lot of information. I also liked how quickly my test were graded and the certificates came in. Thank you for offering such a great training program." - Pearland, Texas
"Thank you for checking about the status of my order. I am very pleased to say my course [Infants in Child Care] arrived even within the week that I ordered it. And that was to Canada too!! Upon ordering I noticed that you now ship free to Canada. I am very very appreciative of that. Thanks so much. I will definitely be ordering more courses in the future." - Auburn, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you, It was fast and easy. Reading through the material [Nurturing Children's Self Esteem] was great. I understood and learn something new. There are other courses that I will be taking. Again thank you." - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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