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Utah Professional Development Career Ladder Training

Utah Professional Development Career Ladder Program:

Providers participating in Utah's professional career ladder may use the approved Care Courses listed below for the career ladder levels as indicated for each level.

Find Care Courses listed in the Utah Registry for Professional Development under "Non Face-to-Face" training.

The following courses have been approved by the  Utah Registry for Professional Development:

Career Ladder Level 1 requirement:

In addition to CPR/First Aid/Food Handlers, use this course for up to 10 of the required 30 hours of training for Career Ladder Level 1.


Career Ladder Levels 2 and 3 requirements:

You must get a minimum of 10 hours from each of the following ACDs: 40 hours total in 4 of the ACDs for Career Ladder Level 2, and 40 hours total in the remaining 4 ACDs for Career Ladder Level 3. Use the following Care Courses for up to half the required hours for each ladder level. Questions? We are here to help! info@CareCourses.com

Career Ladder Level 4 requirement:

To attain a Career Ladder Level 4 you must earn a Demonstrated Competency. One option is a CDA Credential.

Obtain a CDA with Care Courses

Career Ladder Levels 5-8 requirements:

Two options are available for obtaining Career Ladder Levels 5-8.

Option 1: Complete 40 hours of training for each of these four levels. Of the 40 hours required for each level, 20 may come from any of the courses below:

Option 2: Complete 3 CEUs of training for each of these four levels. All 3 CEUs of training may be obtained through Care Courses using any of the courses below (1 CEU = 10 Clock Hours):