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Care Courses offers online training classes and book courses for child care providers, home visitors and parents. Use our childcare professional development clock hours for most US States continuing education inservice requirements and registries, for CDA Certification (Child Development Associate Credential), for CDA Renewal and for NAC Renewal. All our professional development courses give both Clock Hours and IACET CEUs toward CDA Renewal.

Our informative child care training programs can be completed anywhere and at any time. Study at home, at the park, or wherever is most convenient for you. Then go online to complete and submit your coursework. Our friendly, knowledgeable instructors offer unlimited free student support by phone or email, and are always happy to help!

Early childhood child care training can be fun, interesting, and relevant to your daily work and experience! We've been offering professional development classes for over 20 years; we love what we do and truly want to make your experience fantastic.

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Puerto Rico Child Care Training
Care Courses
Puerto Rico Child Care Training

National Childcare Credentials: Puerto Rico child care providers may use our courses toward a CCP or CDA, as well as CDA, NAC and CCP renewal.
Click for more information: National Child Care Credentials
Puerto Rico Childcare Training Requirements: Puerto Rico early childhood professionals may only use Care Courses for the national credentials listed above.
Puerto Rico licensing requirements state:
  • El establecimiento tendrá un director, educador(es) y asistente(s) de acuerdo a la matrícula y necesidades de servicio para la administración, personal de mantenimiento y servicios de alimentos.
    The facility will have a director, educator(s) and assistant(s) according to enrollment and service needs of the administration, maintenance personnel and food services personnel.
  • El director tendrá un año de estudios universitarios o la credencial del CDA o 3 años de experiencia como educador o de asistente de facilidades al cuidado de niños.
    The director must have successfully completed one year of study at a recognized university or have obtained a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) or three years of experience as an educator or assistant in a facility dedicated to the care of children.
  • En centros cuya matrícula sea de 24 niños o menos contará con un educador que podrá ejercer a la vez función de director.
    Centers with enrollment of 24 children or less must have an educator who can perform the functions of the director.
  • El educador deberá poseer por lo menos 3 años de experiencia en Centros de Desarrollo del Niño a nivel preescolar o la credencial del CDA.
    The educator must have at least three years of experience with preschoolers in a child development center or have obtained a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA).
Opening a child care facility in Puerto Rico: For those of you interested in starting a day care or home-based child care facility in Puerto Rico, please contact your state licensing using the contact information below. The licensing agency can give you advice on the requirements, rules and regulations of your state.

Administradora de Sistemas de Oficina II
Departamento de la Familia
Oficina de Licenciamiento
Pda 2 Ponce de Leon Ave
San Juan, PR 000901

(787) 724-7532 or (787) 724-7534

Puerto Rico Child Care Licensing