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Care Courses Frequently Asked Questions

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Please visit our Contact Page.

Call us at 1-800-685-7610 between 9 AM - 5 PM (Eastern Time), Monday-Friday. Please leave a message if you get our voice mail so we can call back as soon as possible. Need to contact us urgently? Email to learn how to access your online certificates.

You study the course material, complete observation or notebook assignments, do Self-Check exercises, and then complete and submit quizzes and assessments. You must make a passing score of at least 70% on each lesson to receive the clock hours. We cannot issue partial clock hours for a course. We issue a certificate documenting the hours you have earned. The certificates are available in your online account. (You may redo the quizzes one time if you score lower than 70%. Failure to receive a passing score on all lessons the second submission will result in no certificate, and you will be unable to take the course again for 12 months.)

 You can print our Order Form to submit with your payment.

View this video to learn how to access your online certificates. Certificates can be viewed and downloaded on a phone, tablet, or computer. You can then save, print, text, and/or email your certificates.

View this video to learn how access your Care Courses account.

Enrollment Codes are delivered when you order a course. Immediately by email for Online Courses, and shipped with your book for CourseBook courses.

Sometimes those emails get stuck in spam filters. Log into your Care Courses account, go to the Orders tab, and select “Email Codes.” The codes will be resent to the email address in your account.

Troubleshooting tips:

  1. Try typing your enrollment code in directly (rather than copying and pasting it).
  2. Erase your internet history or refresh your browser cache (press the Ctrl + F5 keys on PC computers, Command + R on Mac computers.
  3. Use a different browser (Example: Google Chrome instead of ).
  4. Email us for help!

Our courses work best when you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an up-to-date web browser* and internet connection. All Care Courses are mobile friendly and work well on phones. Our courses work best on an updated Google Chrome web browser. For complete system requirements, click here. To see if your browser needs to be updated, click here. A PDF reader is required to take our courses. If you do not have a PDF reader on your computer, you can download Adobe Reader here. To view a navigation video tutorial of our online course portal, please click here.

*Our website is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Our courses work best when you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an up-to-date Google Chrome web browser. To install or update Google Chrome, click here.

Click on "Documents" within the Online Course you ordered.

Our online system checks to ensure that you have answered all of the quiz and assessment questions. The system will not allow you to submit incomplete work for grading. A yellow diskette on the left-hand side of the course indicates a section that you have not completely finished. A blue diskette on the left-hand side of the course indicates a section that you have finished. Clicking on the grey “Submit for Grading” button will cause the yellow diskettes to appear so you can see which sections you have missed. Once you have entered answers to all of the questions, the diskettes will all be blue, the “Submit for Grading” button will turn green, and you will be able to submit your work for grading. Please click here  to watch our course navigation video tutorial.

You may order courses for as many students as you wish and then give the courses to them to do. They must do their own work, and if they use the Online Grading system, they MUST activate the enrollment code in their own personal online account.

Please visit this page for information on the CDA: CDA Information. Click here for a Free online tutorial on the CDA process.

"Continuing Education Units" are required to renew a CDA. A CEU is equal to 10 clock hours. Care Courses offers IACET accredited CEUs.

Every state is different. Please visit our State Information pages for details.

Online Courses are delivered immediately. For CourseBook orders: Depending on how you pay (phone, internet, mail, credit card, PayPal, check, money order), what shipping & handling you choose (Free Standard, Priority, Express) and how far you live from Richmond, Virginia (our packages are shipped from Richmond), it normally takes from 2 days to 2 weeks. If you think an order has gotten lost in the mail, please call us. We would never intentionally disappoint you. If you are in a hurry, please call us and place a credit card order and ask for Priority or Express shipping.

Yes. Please print an Order Form to mail with your payment.

Click here: Refund Policy

Courses must be successfully completed by their expiration date in order to receive a certificate. Course expiration dates are displayed on the enrollment code email(s) sent out for all online courses and in the printed enrollment code inserts included in the back cover of all CourseBooks. Courses expire one year (365 days) from the date of purchase.

Please print, sign and submit this Authorization Form to us so we can speak with them about your account. We do not recommend giving your account login information to anyone.

Yes! Care Courses are mobile friendly, and our website works well on smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can submit your course quizzes online using a mobile device, tablet, or computer. 

We try to cover a topic in depth each time we write a course. Sometimes this results in a longer course than other times. That is one reason why the prices are about the same for all the courses. We want everyone to be able to take the courses they are interested in regardless of clock hours or cost. Don't worry if you get more hours than you need!

Call us at 1-800-685-7610 (US and Canada) between 9am-5pm ET, M-F (other countries: 703-448-1800). We are here to help!