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What our students say

”I absolutely love taking courses from you guys. I think I've enjoyed doing all the courses, [Biting Hurts!] and [A Joyful Life of Caregiving]. The biting one was very helpful for me to understand why children bite. I 100 percent recommend you guys"
  - Newmark, New Hampshire
"Care courses are THE BEST for child care information. I have been using them for years and always learn more than expected. I refer back to them often and I always find a solution to my problems. Thanks for such great courses, I will be ordering again!"
  - Barnesville, Minnesota
“I appreciate having Care Courses as an option for continued learning opportunities. I have completed several courses [Challenging Behavior: Positive Guidance in Child Care and Fun and Fitness: Addressing Childhood Obesity] and found all of them easily accessible, well written and organized, and offering valuable learning content for all of us in the Child Care field. I especially enjoy being able to access the course on my own time schedule and knowing help is available if needed. Please keep up the great work!”
  - Annapolis, Maryland