Toddlers in Child Care

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Courses Description

This course applies to toddlers.

Learn how toddlers grow and how to promote their physical, cognitive, language, and social–emotional development. This course includes sections on nutrition, separation anxiety, tantrums, positive guidance, baby signs, toilet learning, relationships with parents, and how to set up a safe and stimulating environment indoors and outdoors.

See the learning outcomes and topics below for more information on what is covered in this course.

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Toddlers in Child Care
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Toddlers in Child Care
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Course formats

This course is offered in both our coursebook (with required online component/testing) and our fully online format. The online format of this course includes audio narration in most course sections. Click here to learn more about Care Courses' training formats.

Acceptance information

This course is accepted for child care professional development training requirements in most states and for the CDA credential and for CDA renewal training requirements.

  • Colorado: This course fulfills your childcare social-emotional development requirement.
  • National CDA Credential: This course is included in our Infant/Toddler Center-Based CDA training set.
  • Nevada: This course fulfills the child development/guidance and discipline training requirement.
  • New York: This course covers training topics 1 through 8 and is included in our 30 hour training topics bundle
  • In Oklahoma this course is approved for the Infant/Toddler Certificate of Achievement.

Learning outcomes

After completing Toddlers in Child Care you will be able to identify milestones of physical development in toddlers and how toddlers progress along the path of physical development; describe how you can support toddlers’ physical development with the choices of play materials and activities that you offer at your program; and much more! Click to read all learning outcomes for this course.

Topics covered

  • Milestones of toddlers’ physical development
  • What you can do to support toddlers' physical development
  • Principles of healthy nutrition and food safety guidelines for toddlers
  • Milestones of toddlers’ cognitive development
  • How to foster toddlers’ cognitive development with appropriate interactions and challenges
  • Milestones of toddlers’ language development
  • Strategies for supporting toddlers’ language development including modeling, interactive reading, and introducing sign language
  • Milestones of toddlers’ social-emotional development
  • How to foster positive self-image, security and trust, and self-esteem in toddlers
  • Understanding toddlers’ individual temperaments
  • Toddlers’ fears and developing sense of independence
  • Strategies for responding to temper tantrums and challenging behaviors, including biting
  • How to practice positive guidance
  • Toddlers’ developing skills in social interactions
  • Welcoming toddlers and their families in your program and supporting them through separation anxiety
  • Strategies for establishing a relationship with toddlers’ parents as partners
  • How to create an indoor and outdoor environment that fosters toddlers’ curiosity and love of learning
  • The importance of intentionally creating learning opportunities for toddlers
  • Strategies for thoughtful scheduling and planning for transitions
  • Diapering toddlers and recognizing readiness for toilet learning
  • Facilitating toddlers’ toilet learning process
  • How to create a safe and healthy indoor and outdoor environment for toddlers
  • Emergency preparedness
  • How to recognize child abuse and neglect and what you can do to prevent it
  • Understanding the impact of adverse childhood experiences and the importance of supportive caregiving


Must be able to fluently read and write English.

Instructional methodology

Read written material, view videos, and listen to audio segments.

Assessment methods

Multiple choice quizzes and written assignments.

What our students are saying about Toddlers in Child Care

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first course, Toddlers in Child Care. I have worked mostly with toddlers in childcare centers, but I learned so much in your course. I signed up for my second course, [Managing Health and Safety] and just completed it last night! I am currently working at a Child Welfare organization and your section on abused and neglected children was right on track. I especially loved the section on supporting the parents when the children do remain in the home. This is usually the best option for children and these parents need as much support as possible. Thank you so much for making this type of format available. Care Courses has worked wonderfully with my full-time work schedule." - Dodge City, Kansas

"I would like to say thank you for making state hours so fun and interesting to learn. I went at my own pace. I didn't have anyone over me telling me to hurry up. I learned a lot in this book and this won't be the last time that you will hear from me." - Texas City, Texas

“I am very glad I went through Care Course since it truly helped me out a lot. Learning child development courses [Toddlers in Child Care and Infant/Toddler Center-Based CDA Set] even when I have been an educator for many years, sure helped me expand my knowledge in other areas. Thank you for putting such emphasis on early childhood.” - Eagle Pass, Texas

"It was a pleasure to take the course through your program! The book arrived really fast and they helped me right away with my account. The program was thorough and informative and I enjoyed taking the course. The online quiz option was fantastic! Thanks so much!" – Wilmington, Delaware

"Thank you for offering this program. As a busy mom of three my weekends are full of family things. This I could do at night after the boys went to bed." – Saucier, Mississippi

"I'm enjoying doing these courses [Toddlers in Child Care] because they are so informative and helpful! Plus I love when I already knew certain things and they are also in the courses. It makes me feel confident." - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

"My course went very well. The lesson was superb on Toddlers in Child Care and very informative. It was well laid out and easy to comprehend. In receiving for my certificate it was beyond my expectation. Thank you for an experience I look forward to next time." - Arlington, Texas

“This training has given me lots of good ideas that I can implement in my teaching of young children. I cannot wait to use them.” - Brown City, Michigan

Completion deadline

This training expires 12 months from the date of purchase. Courses must be successfully completed by their expiration date in order for the student to receive a certificate.

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