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Childcare Training Offered by The Care Courses School, Inc.

Since 1990, Care Courses has distinguished itself by offering affordable and convenient training with excellent content and unlimited free support. Our distance-learning courses can be taken with you anywhere at any time. We offer a fully online training format that works well on a mobile device or computer. Alternatively, step away from the computer and try our popular CourseBook training format to complete your professional development goals! We offer discounted CDA credential training and discounted CDA renewal training in addition to over 350 hours of annual state professional development courses and childcare registry training. Questions? Call us at 1-800-685-7610!

Care Courses® can be taken at your own pace, when you have time to complete them. Searching for training because your local workshops were canceled? Our courses can meet your needs. Here are some of the many ways our courses help childcare providers every day: Childcare continuing education and professional development; CDA classes and CDA renewal classes; Childcare state registry training requirements; Competency and core knowledge training; Early childhood education (ECE) certificates; Montessori continuing education; and NAC renewal.

CourseBook Childcare Training

Tired of fully online courses? Want training you can work on away from your computer or phone?

Try our CourseBook format! CourseBooks, professionally printed and delivered via the US mail, can be carried with you wherever you go, offering the ultimate in offline training convenience. Highlight and bookmark your work, circle answers, underline passages, and when you're finished, retain the books in your reference library. Moreover, research shows that reading and learning from a book can increase comprehension, reduce distractions and eye strain, and improve mental mapping of the material.

All CourseBooks include an online interactive component. After reviewing content in the CourseBook, log into your Care Courses' account on a computer, tablet or smartphone to access the course videos, discussion areas, documents, and additional resources. Complete your course quizzes online easily and quickly receive your results and free certificate.

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Care Courses’ Reviews and Testimonials


"Thank you for always providing support and the best customer service I have received when taking my yearly courses in the 10 years I have been an early childhood educator. My experience was everything I expected from a Care Courses course!! Easy to navigate, interesting to learn and use in my classroom!!"

- Susan in Nevada


"I am a family home daycare provider in Michigan, I love doing the courses at home with a book at my own pace. I’ve been doing them for over 10 years and have almost done all."

- Cherrie in Michigan


"I love your courses!! I’m always excited to see something new like the Lead Safety course I recently took. I learned a lot and it’s so easy to complete during nap time. Keep up the good work!! "

- Serita in Maryland


"I just want to say I enjoyed taking this online class. It’s was very easy to complete online, since I’m not much of a computer person. It was nice to work on it when it fit my hours."

- Danielle in Wisconsin


"Everything is going well with my Care Courses. The service is so nice, the only comment I could have is well done."

- Charly in New York


"Everything went well with the on-line course I ordered. I had no trouble activating or maneuvering through the course. The course itself was very thorough and informative. I appreciate the valuable service you offer."

- Shelby in Texas