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National Childcare Credentials in Texas

Use our courses toward a CDA Credential and for for NAC and CDA renewal.

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Texas Childcare Training Requirements

All Care Courses are accepted as by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) for training requirements for those who work in child care centers, school age and before and after school programs, and registered and licensed child care homes. This includes clock hours for directors, operation directors, site directors, program directors, caregivers, primary caregivers, assistant caregivers, substitute caregivers, substitutes and volunteers.

All Care Courses are self-instruction training and may be used for up to 80% of annual clock hours for caregivers, primary caregivers, and directors in childcare centers, registered child care homes, school age programs, and before and afterschool programs (§746.1317/§747.1315). Check out our helpful self-instruction training page to how many hours of self-instruction training you may use for your annual training requirements.

Texas TECPDS Registry Training


All Care Courses are approved by the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS) registry. Care Courses' trainer (Joanna Spilioti) Texas workforce registry number is 94618. Please add your TECPDS registry ID to your Care Courses account and we will report your successfully completed courses to TECPDS for training credit. 

Texas SIDS, Preservice, Director, and Transportation Requirements

Need a specific Texas SIDS, 24 hour preservice, director license, or transportation safety training? Specific Texas requirements are listed below.

Texas Child Care Center Director and Primary Caregiver Training 

Learn how you can use Care Courses to become a child care center director in Texas. Need management or child development training for your directors credential? Per §746.1037, 50 clock hours or five CEUs of Care Courses training may be substituted for every three college credit hours required in child development or management. Check out our breakdown of management and child development courses below!

Annual Texas Director and Primary Caregiver Training

Complete 24 of your 30 annual training hours as a center director or primary caregiver with Care Courses.

Per §746.1311 and §747.1309, center directors and primary caregivers in childcare homes must complete 30 hours of annual training that is relavent to the age of the children for which the child-care facility provides care. At least 6 clock hours of annual training must cover child growth and development, guidance and discipline, curriculum, teacher-child interaction or (directors only) special needs. Check out our course listing for information on the topics our courses cover. 

Need annual training hours in management techniques, leadership, or staff supervision? Check out our 6 clock hour course Staff Development and Motivation in Child Care, our 4 clock hour course Hiring and Supervising Qualified Staff in Child Careor look through the list of management courses here.

Annual training hours for directors and primary caregivers must also cover the following areas:

Caregivers in childcare centers, assistant caregivers and substitute caregivers may also take the above courses towards their annual training requirements (§746.1309 & §747.1305). Care Courses self-instruction training may be used for up 80% of annual clock hours.

Texas Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Courses for Teachers

Click here to learn more about Care Courses that are accepted for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) training requirements.

Texas Foster Parent Training Requirements

Our courses may also be used by foster parents in Texas for annual training requirements. Please email for details.

Opening a child care facility in Texas

For those of you interested in starting a daycare center or home-based childcare facility in Texas, please contact your state licensing agency using the contact information below. The licensing agency can give you advice on the requirements, rules and regulations of your state.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Texas Child Care Licensing

Phone: (800) 862-5252 or (512) 438-4800

Local Child Care Licensing Offices Contact Information

What our Texas students say

"I would like to say thank you for making state hours so fun and interesting to learn. I went at my own pace. I didn't have anyone over me telling me to hurry up. I learned a lot in this book [Toddlers in Child Care] and this won't be the last time that you will hear from me."

– Texas City, Texas
"I devoured the information and feel so much more knowledgeable about the information...much of which was new to me. The car seat information was a huge thing for me. The records needed was pretty much what I already do. I was surprised to see no music in the vehicle because I would think that is a child's distraction, but I do understand where quiet can be a better option."

- Hondo, Texas
"Everything went well with the on-line course I ordered. I had no trouble activating or maneuvering through the course. The course itself was very thorough and informative. I appreciate the valuable service you offer."

- San Antonio, Texas