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Texas Childcare Director Qualification Information

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How to become a childcare director in Texas.

Using Care Courses to qualify for the Texas Director’s Credential means that you will be qualifying under §746.1015 of the Texas Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers. This qualifies you to be a director of a child care center licensed for 13 or more children.

Per §746.1037, 50 clock hours or five CEUs of Care Courses training may be substituted for every three college credit hours required in child development or management. One of the ways you may use Care Courses to meet the education requirements for becoming a director is under §746.1015 option 7.

This option requires that you

  • have 3 years of experience in a licensed child-care center;

  • complete 9 college credit hours (or 150 clock hours of training) in child development (see below);

  • complete 9 college credit hours (or 150 clock hours of training) in business management.

The state of Texas accepts Care Courses for the 50 clock hours of training for every 3 college credit hours (150 clock hours in each training topic) to satisfy this requirement. Use the bundle below to complete 150 hours of child development training. 

Texas Child Care Director Qualification Child Development Training


Please Contact Care Courses at if you need courses other than the 150 hours of training listed above for your directors training requirement. We will provide guidance on how our other courses can be used towards this requirement. Thank you!

After completing your training, you or the permit holder will submit your training and experience qualifications to licensing along with the following information:

  1. A completed Licensing Personal History Statement form specifying the education and experience of your designated director;

  2. A completed Licensing Governing Body/Director Designation form; 

  3. An original and current Licensing Child-Care Center Director's Certificate form; or an original college transcript or original training certificates which verify the educational requirements; and

  4. Complete dates, names, addresses, and telephone numbers which support the required experience.

You must submit the information to licensing as part of a new application for a permit and within five days of designating a new director.

If you wish to become a director of a child care facility in Texas, we recommend that you first speak with a Texas child care licensing representative to determine what training you are required to have.