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Texas Teacher CPE Continuing Professional Education | Care Courses

The following courses are approved for Texas Teacher Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours.

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Texas Education Agency CPE Hours & Care Courses

Course Title CPE Hours Tuition 
Block Play 3 CPE Hours $25.00
Caring for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
4 CPE Hours $30.00
Challenging Behavior: Positive Guidance in Child Care
6 CPE Hours $40.00
Child Abuse and Neglect: A Caregiver’s Guide to Child Abuse
5 CPE Hours $34.00
Child Development and Guidance
20 CPE Hours $60.00
Creating Schedules and Routines
4 CPE Hours $30.00
The Early Childhood Environment: Learning Centers 10 CPE Hours $50.00
The Early Childhood Professional  16 CPE Hours $57.00
Early Childhood Stress: Serious Stress in Children’s Lives 5 CPE Hours $34.00
Emergency Preparedness in Child Care 2 CPE Hours $18.00
First Steps in Child Care: An Orientation 3 CPE Hours $25.00
Fun and Fitness: Addressing Childhood Obesity  2 CPE Hours $18.00
Great Beginnings: An Introduction to Child Care 8 CPE Hours $46.00
Great Days with Kids: Curriculum and Lesson Planning 5 CPE Hours $34.00
A Joyful Life of Caregiving 1 CPE Hours $12.00
Lead Safety in Child Care 2 CPE Hours $18.00
Making Learning Fun 20 CPE Hours $60.00
Managing Health and Safety in Child Care 12 CPE Hours $52.00
Many Ways to Learn for Toddlers and Preschoolers 12 CPE Hours $52.00
Medication Procedures in Child Care 2 CPE Hours $18.00
Music and Movement 3 CPE Hours $25.00
Nurturing Children's Self-Esteem 20 CPE Hours $60.00
Nutrition in Early Childhood: Shaping a Healthy Future 6 CPE Hours $40.00
Observing, Recording, and Assessing Children's Development 10 CPE Hours $50.00
Parents and Child Care 20 CPE Hours $60.00
Preschoolers in Child Care 20 CPE Hours $60.00
Principles of Child Development and Learning 10 CPE Hours $50.00
Safe Baby, Safe Child 5 CPE Hours $34.00
Safe Environments in Child Care 5 CPE Hours $34.00
Sanitation for Disease Prevention 5 CPE Hours $34.00
Social-Emotional Development in Young Children  3 CPE Hours $25.00
Sun Safety 2 CPE Hours $18.00
Transitions and Troublesome Times 6 CPE Hours $40.00
Transportation Safety 2 CPE Hours $18.00
Understanding Each Other: Families, Staff and Community 9 CPE Hours $48.00

The Care Courses School is an approved, registered TEA provider of CPE hours. Continuing Professional Education Provider number is: 901931.

The courses listed above may be used toward the 150 CPE hour renewal requirement for classroom teachers, and toward the 200 CPE hour renewal requirement for educators who hold professional certificate(s). Click to download the Texas CPE Tracking Worksheet.

Please select courses that fit your own particular circumstances/needs.

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