Nutrition in Early Childhood: Shaping a Healthy Future

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Course Description

This course applies to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children.

Are you looking to learn how to provide balanced, nutritious meals for children? Searching for interesting and fun nutrition education ideas?

Nutrition in Early Childhood: Shaping a Healthy Future is the perfect course for you! This course looks at providing delicious and healthy meals while respecting dietary restrictions.

In it you will learn about important nutrients, infant feeding practices, nutrition education, farm-to-preschool activities, and more!  You’ll have access to gardening tips, hands-on activities, recipes that children will love, plus practical advice.

See the learning outcomes and topics below for more information on what is covered in this course.

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Nutrition in Early Childhood: Shaping a Healthy Future
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Course formats

This course is offered in our fully online format and includes audio narration in most course sections. Click here to learn more about Care Courses' training formats.

Acceptance information

This course is accepted for child care professional development training requirements in most states and for the CDA credential and for CDA renewal training requirements. 

Learning outcomes

After completing Nutrition in Early Childhood: Shaping a Healthy Future you will be able to identify the building blocks of a healthy diet for children; identify how to support, plan, and implement healthy food choices and nutrition education for young children; and explain the nutritional requirements for children with various dietary restrictions and needs.

Topics covered

  • The relationship between children’s diets and their health.
  • The childcare provider’s role in helping children develop good eating habits.
  • The nutrients children’s bodies need to function properly.
  • The role of fluids, snacks, and breakfast in children’s diets.
  • Feeding practices specific to infant care settings.
  • Ways to engage children in the preparation of their own food.
  • The importance of respecting children’s dietary restrictions.


Must be able to fluently read and write English.

Instructional methodology

Read written material, view videos, listen to audio segments.

Assessment methods

Multiple choice quiz and written assignments.

Assessment methods

Multiple choice quiz and written assignments.

What our students say about Nutrition in Early Childhood: Shaping a Healthy Future

“Fabulous recap through the self-checks. Love the speaker narrator option!”- Frederick, Maryland

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