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Toddlers in child care positive review

"Everything is great. I love Care Courses. Almost done with my 45 hours [Toddlers in Child Care, Infants in Child Care, and Safe Baby, Safe Child] and will continue to use Care Courses. I even referred some providers that didn't know about it. Thank You!"

- Baltimore, Maryland

Days with toddlers positive review

"I am very pleased so far with [Days with Toddlers: Curriculum Planning for Ages 12–36 Months], and am finding the information to be relevant, and well laid out. I especially appreciate that it is a study from home course that I can do as my schedule allows."

- Marietta, Georgia

Challenging behaviors in child care positive review

"I really liked the ideas for helping the children discuss their emotions and feelings [Challenging Behavior: Positive Guidance in Child Care]. I liked how it lined out how to help them. All points were excellent, I took 30 pages of notes!"

- Essex, Maryland

Biting Hurts positive Care Courses review

"Yes, I have received my courses and finished Biting Hurts and will be sending the quiz to you this week.. I really like the Care Courses, they allow me to fit them into my busy schedule without having to run to class or worry about being late and missing the class altogether. Thanks, Care Courses!"

- Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Child Development and Guidance positive review

"I love the Care Courses [Child Development and Guidance] and the ease of being able to take them when time permits. I find them to be very informative and use the advice garnered from them often. After 46 yrs. in this business I thought I knew everything BUT you proved me wrong. Thanks for all you do to educate the public on ways to improve our time spent with children."

- Longmont, Colorado

Social emotional development positive review

"I love taking the Care Courses [Social-Emotional Development in Young Children and Biting Hurts!]. They are educational, interesting and very user friendly. I look forward to taking more of them!"

- Las Vegas, Nevada

Parents and child care positive review

"I enjoyed my Care Course as usual! I have used Care Courses [Parents and Child Care] for quite a few years and always find them to be well written and interesting. That makes a huge difference in being able to stay engaged and see them through! I live in a rural location so being able to complete good, relevant training right from home is a wonderful option. I will be back for more! Thank you!"

-Erskine, Minnesota

Observing, Recording, and Assessing  Children's Development Positive Review

"The two recent Care Courses I purchased and completed (online) [Observing, Recording, and Assessing Children's Development and Creating Schedules and Routines] were fantastic. Exceeded my expectations; reasonably priced and $$ well spent. Thank you!"

-Worcester, Massachusetts

Understanding Each Other, Communicating with Families Staff and Your Community Positive Review

"Everything went very well. I really learned a lot from your program [Understanding Each Other]. I will be recommending your course to the other teachers and instructors at the preschool where I work. Your fees are reasonable and your response time is very prompt. I want to thank you for such a convenient program and I look forward to also doing my CDA course with you guys." 

- Brandywine, Maryland

Transportation Safety positive review

"I absolutely love Care Courses!!!!!! Very informative and being able to complete the courses [Transportation Safety] online is wonderful."

- Missouri City, Texas

Positive customer review

""Yes! I have finished the course [Biting Hurts!] and it was excellent. I refreshed ideas to keep doing great things with my little ones. I love what I do!!"

- Plymouth, Massachusetts

Care Courses positive review

"I was extremely impressed with the course [Child Development and Guidance]! I will definitely be using your online courses in the future! Useful information available to me when it works with my schedule. Thank you!"  

- Walworth, New York

Preschoolers In Child Care Positive Review

"Thank you very much for your kind assistance and support during my time of studies [Preschoolers in Child Care] with shipments, promptly responding to my calls and questions. Your support was greatly appreciated and encouraging. I do look forward in continuing to further my studies in the teaching field of education for children."

- Lakeland, Florida

The Early Childhood Professional Positive Review

"The material [The Early Childhood Professional] is very relevant and informative. It is also written in a way that is illuminating and not tedious. We chose a career that demands dedicated, loving individuals who understand the importance of building the ideal foundation which infants and young children need in order to grow up to become self assured, intelligent and well adjusted young people and adults on all levels."

-Brecksville, Ohio

Positive customer review

"Thank-You. Everything went very well [The Early Childhood Professional] ... smoothly and quickly. The Care Courses are the, 'only way to go.' After years of taking training hours the old fashion way... I'll never take training any other way. I hope you continue to add new courses."

-Salem, Oregon

Care Courses review

"I am so grateful for Care Courses. They make getting my required continuing education hours so easy. Receiving the course [Social-Emotional Development in Young Children] quickly! Plus, the classes are well planned and informative. Thanks so much."

- Southlake, Texas

Toilet Learning Positive Review

"All I can really say is thank you for offering these courses [Creating Schedules and Routines, Toilet Learning] online. I have learned more taking these classes than I did when going to university. The information given is concise and easy to understand. I love your program."

- Rochdale, Massachusetts

Creating Schedules and Routines Positive Review

"Everything went well with the course [Creating Schedules and Routines]. I love taking Care Courses, because they are so convenient with my schedule."

- St. Louis, Missouri

Safe Baby Safe Child Positive Review

"I truly appreciate your service [Safe Baby, Safe Child]. Being the owner of a 24hr Family Daycare Facility has all types of challenges in today's market; efficient time management being a main one. Being able to educate myself (not only to meet requirements but to truly enhance my development) is essential to maintaining the quality service I hope to provide. Being able to do it, as time allows, is a blessing truly appreciated.  Your coursework provides thought provoking insight into the care and nurturing of the little ones that grace my portals and for that I commend you."

- Baltimore, Maryland

Care Courses Positive Review

"Everything arrived and I am already well into the course. :) The courses are super easy to follow and complete! They are a great way to receive knowledge and earn training hours at the same time. I really enjoy them."

-Breezy Point, Minnesota

First Steps in Child Care Positive Review

"Everything went very smoothly. In fact the books arrived much sooner than expected. I didn't believe I was going to actually 'learn' anything, but I am pleased to report that there was a lot of valuable information contained in the course [First Steps in Child Care]. I found myself highlighting, writing notes and adding pages to my files for further review. Thank you for a well written and interesting course."

-Hanover, Maryland

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