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"Thank-You. Everything went very well [The Early Childhood Professional]...smoothly and quickly. The Care Courses are the, 'only way to go.' After years of taking training hours the old fashion way... I'll never take training any other way. I hope you continue to add new courses." - Salem, Oregon The Early Childhood Professional
Social-Emotional Development "I am so grateful for Care Courses. They make getting my required continuing education hours so easy. Receiving the courses [Social-Emotional Development] quickly and a rapid response for grading and sending the certificates are great! Plus, the classes are well planned and informative. Thanks so much." - Southlake, Texas
Toilet Learning "All I can really say is thank you for offering these courses [Creating Schedules and Routines, Toilet Learning] online. I have learned more taking these classes than I did when going to university. The information given is concise and easy to understand. I love your program." - Rochdale, Massachusetts
"I truly appreciate your service [Safe Baby, Safe Child]. Being the owner of a 24hr Family Daycare Facility has all types of challenges in today's market; efficient time management being a main one. Being able to educate myself (not only to meet requirements but to truly enhance my development) is essential to maintaining the quality service I hope to provide. Being able to do it, as time allows, is a blessing truly appreciated.  Your course-work provides thought provoking insight into the care and nurturing of the little ones that grace my portals and for that I commend you." - Baltimore, Maryland Safe Baby, Safe Child
Understanding Each Other: Families, Staff and Community "Everything went very well. I really learned a lot from your program [Understanding Each Other: Families, Staff and Community]. I will be recommending your course to the other teachers and instructors at the preschool where I work. Your fees are reasonable and your response time is very prompt. I want to thank you for such a convenient program and I look forward to also doing my CDA course with you guys." - Brandywine, Maryland
"Hello everything went well with the course [Creating Schedules and Routines]. I love taking Care Courses, because they are so convenient with my schedule." - St. Louis, Missouri Creating Schedules and Routines
Care Courses "Everything arrived and I am already well into the course. :) The courses are super easy to follow and complete! They are a great way to receive knowledge and earn training hours at the same time. I really enjoy them." - Breezy Point, Minnesota
"Everything went very smoothly. In fact the books arrived much sooner than expected. I didn't believe I was going to actually 'learn' anything, but I am pleased to report that there was a lot of valuable information contained in the course. I found myself highlighting, writing notes and adding pages to my files for further review. Thank you for a well written and interesting course." - Hanover, Maryland First Steps in Child Care: An Orientation
Parents and Child Care "This was a great, fast, easy experience [Parents and Child Care]. I talked to several people at Care Courses and everyone was helpful and kind. I could not believe the speed in which I got my grades back. Thank you very much." - Amarillo, Texas
"I would recommend you guys to anyone. The course [Managing Health and Safety in Child Care] was easy to understand as well as the quiz. I also received my certificates sooner than I expected. Thanks so much!!" - Glenwood, Illinois Managing Health and Safety in Child Care
Toddlers in Child Care "Just want to let you know that Care Courses [Child Development and Guidance, Toddlers in Child Care, Principles of Child Development and Learning and Infants in Child Care] is great!!! I get my books mailed to me in a timely manner and the instructions are very thorough and easy to understand!! You guys are the best!" - Middlesex, New Jersey

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