Caring for Children in Your Home

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Caring for Children in Your Home childcare training course

Course Description: 

Caring for Children in Your Home is written specifically for the home child care provider, this is one of our most popular courses. Thousands of caregivers working in a home setting have taken this course and many of them write or call to tell us how much they have learned. We are glad to hear it!  You can improve your home childcare business and have more fun caring for children by utilizing the great suggestions in this course. Learn to view your work positively and professionally. This course presents many suggestions to help you organize a home childcare business, create an appropriate learning environment and plan fun activities to meet children's developmental needs, provide for children's health, safety, nutrition, and develop positive relationships with parents. Interesting activities plus record-keeping and business forms are included. See the topics listed below for more information on what is covered.

Learning Outcomes: After completing Caring for Children in Your Home you will be able to identify reasons for being a family child care provider, as well as reasons not to be a family child care provider; describe the duties and responsibilities of a family child care provider; select appropriate strategies for maintaining a professional and caring relationship with parents; describe the challenges and needs of children in your care and how to support them; and identify strategies for managing your day as a professional. Read more.

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Please note: This course is only offered in the Online Course format at this time. The CourseBook format of this course is currently unavailable. Email to be notified when the CourseBook is back in stock.

Attention students: This course is for home-based child care only.

Topics Covered in Caring for Children in Your Home
  • How to be a professional childcare provider 
  • How to organize a day care home, including organization of space, use of time, selection of equipment, writing a policy statement, interviewing prospective clients, and keeping children's records 
  • How to create an appropriate learning environment for young children, including making rules for children 
  • How to plan fun activities for children 
  • How to identify, report, and help prevent the abuse of young children 
  • How to provide good nutrition for children 
  • How to keep children safe, including supervision and safety-checks 
  • How to develop a positive relationship with the parents of children in a day care home 

Prerequisites: Must be able to fluently read and write English.

Instructional methodology: Read written material; view videos; listen to audio segments.

Assessment methods: Multiple choice quizzes and written assignments.

What students say about Caring for Children in Your Home:  

This course Caring for Children in Your Home should be required for all new caregivers to complete requirements for first year clock hours. This course tells what care giving is all about. It addresses so many aspects of child care and also maintaining complete business records. I always learn something valuable with each course I take! Thanks! - Midland, Texas

This is my second year in the child care business, and this course was just what I needed to evaluate the quality of my program. I learned some very important things about child care that I knew about, but not in the way it was presented to me in this course.  Plus, I got to stay in m own house, at my own kitchen table to take the course. What a blessing! So, I thank all of you for this beautiful way for child care providers to update their job skills and receive credit for them. Providence, Rhode Island  

I have nothing but praise for Care Courses. When I called to inquire about taking some on line courses to satisfy my Child Care license renewal requirement, I had no idea that I was actually going to be treated like a human being. I was pleasantly surprised. I was treated with respect and  courtesy by the Care Courses Rep. To add to my happiness, he was extremely knowledgeable and patient, he helped me choose the correct courses [Caring for Children in Your Home] according to the required number of hours and subjects I needed to take for my Child Care license renewal.I am for ever grateful to Care Courses for being such caring professionals.- Spring Valley, New York

I loved this class and learned so much. It was so thorough and well planned.  thanks for a quality program...looking forward to taking another. PS I am a home-schooling mom was fun for my daughter to see me studying at home.  She said she wished she could get her work finished a quickly as me! - Watonga, Oklahoma  

Everything went great with ordering and receiving my Care e-course. I love your courses and plan on taking several of them as I am working on my CDA. Thanks for making that goal much more "do-able" with the CDA courses available. With a child care provider's schedule, your courses are a dream!! Most of them are done in my PJ's! (Too much info? :-) ) Anyway, I am very happy with Care Courses....thanks! - Warrenton, Virginia

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