Discipline in Child Care

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Discipline in Child Care

Course Description:

This course applies to infants, toddlers and preschoolers. 

Informative and interesting, Discipline in Child Care teaches why children act in unacceptable ways, how to help them stop acting in those ways, and how to prevent many discipline problems. Includes a discussion of what children need, the influence of adults' attitudes and language on children's behavior, positive adult-child interaction patterns, ways to respond to challenging behaviors, techniques for positive guidance, and discipline strategies that should be avoided. This course will definitely help you have a saner work day. See the course topics listed below for more information on what is covered.

Learning Outcomes: After completing Discipline in Child Care you will be able to identify the different meanings of discipline and the meaning of discipline that is most appropriate when interacting with children; describe what is meant by positive guidance; identify techniques for helping children develop self-discipline and prevent discipline problems; explain the role of reinforcement in children’s learning process; and identify appropriate strategies for responding to children’s disruptive and inappropriate behaviors. Read more.

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Topics covered in Discipline in Child Care:
  • The importance of helping children develop self-discipline 
  • The relative merits of prevention and intervention
  • The role of reinforcement in children's learning process
  • What punishment accomplishes
  • The relationship between children's behavior and their attempts to meet their own needs
  • Effective ways to help children feel that they belong
  • The importance of building children's self-esteem and sense of security
  • The basic behavioral capabilities of young children at various levels of development
  • Ways to help children cope with reality
  • The importance of appropriate adult models
  • Techniques of positive guidance
  • Effective ways to talk with children
  • Effective ways to give children compliments and encouragement
  • The value of giving children explanations
  • Effective ways to remind children of rules and to enforce rules
  • Why physical punishment is both ineffective and dangerous
  • The relationship between patience and understanding
  • Appropriate adult attitudes and language when interacting with young children
  • Ways to create a positive day care climate
  • How an adult's presence can have a stabilizing effect on children's feelings and behaviors
  • The value of an adult's facilitative intervention in children's activities and under what circumstances such intervention is appropriate
  • Nurturing ways to give children compliments and offer assistance
  • Ways to help children learn to take turns and understand and follow rules

Prerequisites: Must be able to fluently read and write English.

Instructional methodology: Read written material; view videos; listen to audio segments.

Assessment methods: Multiple choice quizzes and written assignments.

Comments on Discipline in Child Care

This was great!!! Thanks! -- Dumas, Texas

I received my Care Courses books and immediately started on them. I LOVE the Discipline in Child Care book! So many ideas than I can now apply to my classroom! It was very well presented and easy to read (and re-read!). I am going to share this information with my co-workers, as we all have those challenging behaviors in our classrooms! -- Edinburgh, Indiana

Just FYI - I home-school my kids and my teenagers help quite a bit with daycare, so I use your courses to teach them, too.  I send in for grades for myself, of course, but they really learn a lot.  They're a lot more patient with the kids after reading the "why's" for behavior, etc...  I have even heard them telling their friends what they've learned.  This will make them better parents, too!!! So, thanks!! - San Antonio, Texas

The children and I want to thank you for such a wonderful learning experience in this lesson that I ordered from you on Discipline. I have been doing in-home family day care for 26 years now and have used positive techniques talked about in this lesson. however I have renewed some things that I had forgotten over the years.  The children I have are well behaved...you might say I understand their capabilities for each of their ages. At this time I have 2 bus that are 2 years old, 1 boy that is 16 months, 2 girls that are 13 months, and  1 12 month old. each one has different life styles at home.  Either single parents, married but divorced, parents that have structure and security at home and some that have no security.  each child shows the life style and needs in a different way. We have to stay on our toes around here and know some of why the child acts in different ways. My mother in law lives with me and is also reading the literature you sent to me as she is sometimes watching the children wile I run after my own 10 year old at school. I have raised 4 children of my own. Reading this lesson has helped me to realize why my own children acted in certain ways over the past 25 years. Thank you so much for this lesson.  I will be telling everyone in my Child Care Providers Association here in Irving, Texas about your classes. I loved being able to work in this in my own spare time.  (Which I don't have much of around here. ) I will be using your services in the future. - Irving, Texas 

Great course! This is the best course on discipline that I’ve taken in 20 years!! I found it to be easy to read, thorough, and complete. - Scituate, Massachusetts 

I have been in the field of child development and early childhood education for over 10 years.  This course was one of the most positive I've come across.  I will highly recommend it to colleagues and plan to share strategies with parents of my young students.  Thank you for such a positive approach to an often difficult subject. - Scituate, Massachusetts 

Discipline in Child Care is SUPER! SUPER!  It is very well organized, and the articles are excellent.  Caregiver Attitudes and Language offers much important information for communication with children.   Topics on Patience or Understanding and Responsive or Restrictive Language were very enlightening to me.  I have become more aware of what I say.  I feel that I am making my children's environment more positive.  I am also better able to handle problems with more understanding, confidence and with much less stress. - Minot, Maine

I would like to thank you for this course.  In taking it I have really learned to think before I speak.  The words said say the same, but really do make a difference if you don't use certain words. I've really noticed a difference in the day care already.  Thanks again! - Yukon, Oklahoma

I was very pleased with your Discipline in Childcare course.  I now understand that it takes UNDERSTANDING not patience in dealing with children in my daycare. This course has taught me that discipline can be taught in positive, safe ways.  Every child is different and it takes a lot of understanding to help children learn and grow and have fun all in a positive way.  I will definitely be ordering more courses from you! Thank you! - Springfield, Massachusetts

This was probably one of the most informative courses I’ve ever taken! Very professionally done. - Euless, Texas

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