Transitions and Other Troublesome Times

6 Clock Hours / 0.6 CEUs / $40.00

Transitions and Other Troublesome Times Child Care Training Course

Course Description: 

This course applies to toddlers and preschoolers. 

Discover strategies for supporting children with transitions between activities, lunchtime, naptime, and going-home time, and making days spent indoors, birthday celebrations and other special occasions go smoothly and pleasantly for everyone. This course also explores ways to help children and parents adjust to changes in your program such as staff turnover, and how to adapt to transitions between home and child care, between age groups, and between preschool and kindergarten.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing Transitions and Other Troublesome Times you will be able to identify reasons why transitions, special occasions, and other program changes are often challenging, and describe strategies for supporting children and parents, making transitions smoother, and special occasions pleasant for everyone. Read more.

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Transitions and Other Troublesome Times
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Transitions and Other Troublesome Times
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NAC: The NECPA Commission, Inc. has approved this educational program as meeting the criteria for continuing education for the National Administrator Credential.

Topics Covered in Transitions and Other Troublesome Times

  • Reasons why transitions between activities are often difficult for young children and ways to manage these transitions in a smooth, pleasant manner 
  • Reasons for problems at specific times in children’s days and techniques to make these times an enjoyable experience 
  • Ways to keep children happy on days that must be spent indoors
  • The role of celebrations in early childhood programs 
  • Strategies for successful special occasions 
  • Strategies for easing the stresses of the transition from home to child care for children and parents 
  • Ways to help parents manage separation anxiety 
  • Strategies for helping children and parents adjust to transitions between classes (age groups) in early childhood programs
  • Strategies to help preschoolers manage the transition to kindergarten
  • Techniques to manage transitions between activities in a smooth, pleasant manner
  • Techniques to make lunchtime an enjoyable experience for everyone 
  • Strategies for preventing problems at naptime and making sure children get the rest they need 
  • Ways to end the day pleasantly and send children home in a happy frame of mind 

Prerequisites: Must be able to fluently read and write English.

Instructional methodology: Read written material, view videos, listen to audio segments.

Assessment methods: Multiple choice quiz and written assignments.

Comments on Transitions and Other Troublesome Times:

I wanted to thank you for this course Transitions and Other Troublesome Times. It is a great course and I would recommend it to everyone who works with children. I am using the ideas in the book in my class. It has made a big difference. I understand a lot more now about kids and their feelings and how to help them. - Gainesville, Florida

I found your service to be excellent I needed help a few times and someone always responded in a timely manner! The material was easy to follow and also very informative. I just sent in my answer sheet today and do hope the certification comes back in a timely manner as well since I need the hours for my relicensing which of course I waiting till the very end of summer to complete my training!!!! - Northampton, Massachusetts

Everything went smoothly and easily because the courses were very well organized and easy to follow and understand. Care Courses was a great help with nourishing my study's information and in my career. - Troy, Michigan

I took your course related to Transitioning for children in school as well as going home. It was an awesome course. After taking the course I told my coworkers about the course and they are planning on taking the course as well. I took my course online....they are planning on ordering the book version. I have to admit was easy, and very educational. I learned quite a few new things and how to make transitioning easier for those tough little ones. And the nice thing was, sending in the test results and getting them back quickly. - Dover, New Hampshire

We very much enjoyed your course. So refreshing! It was a joy. You will be hearing from us again. Thank you! - Dacula, Georgia

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