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Care Courses Quizzes, Grading & Certificates of Completion

Care Courses Quizzes and Grading

Submit your quizzes online, directly on your computer. Quiz answers are not mailed.
  • Receive your results within 1-3 business days for no additional fee.
  • Receive your results within 1 business days with our $5 faster coursework processing option.

Care Courses Certificates of Completion

A link to your official certificate will be located to the right of successfully passed courses in the My Courses area of your online Care Courses account. Select the “View Certificate” link next to a successfully completed course to download, view, email and/or print your certificate.

If you fail a lesson (69% or less) you must redo the work and resubmit for grading. There is no additional charge to redo your work, and you are given one chance for redo (for a total of two submissions). All quizzes are "open book" and all answers can be found in the material. Failure to get a passing score on the second submission will result in no certificate.

Course Completion Deadline and Course Expiration

Care Courses issues certificates of completion for courses that are successfully completed prior to their expiration dates. Courses expire one year (365 days) from the date of purchase. The course expiration date is listed next to the enrollment code in the online course enrollment code email and next to the enrollment code in the printed CourseBook enrollment code insert. CourseBook enrollment code inserts are located on the inside back cover of each mailed CourseBook. Course expiration dates are displayed next to each order in the Orders area of your Care Courses account.

Failure to successfully complete a course by the expiration date will result in the course expiring and no certificate being issued. Certificates issued for courses that are successfully completed by the course expiration date do not expire. Expired courses are not eligible for refunds.