Learning outcomes for: The Early Childhood Professional

16 Clock Hours / 1.6 CEUs / $57.00

Learning Outcomes

Lesson 1: Standards for a High-Quality Child Care Environment

After completing Lesson 1, you will be able to

  • identify the elements of a high-quality early childhood program;
  • discuss developmentally appropriate practices;
  • list various program requirements and rules applicable to your child care setting and the responsibilities of your role;
  • describe the qualities, standards, responsibilities, and rights of professional caregivers.

Lesson 2: Responsibilities to Children: Physical and Emotional Safety

After completing Lesson 2, you will be able to

  • explain policies and procedures for creating a safe physical environment for young children;
  • describe how the conduct of early childhood professionals can provide children with a positive social-emotional environment.

Lesson 3: Responsibilities to Children: Development and Learning

After completing Lesson 3, you will be able to

  • discuss how you can create lifelong learners by understanding how children learn and develop, including fostering early literacy, math, and science learning;
  • describe strategies for facilitating learning by providing appropriate challenges, discovering children’s interests, and offering an engaging curriculum.

Lesson 4: Diversity, Communication, and the Early Childhood Professional

After completing Lesson 4, you will be able to

  • discuss the meaning of diversity, and how to avoid harmful stereotypes and bias in an early childhood setting;
  • identify ways to establish effective communication with children’s parents and coworkers.

Lesson 5: Stress and Child Care

After completing Lesson 5, you will be able to

  • identify sources, signs, and effects of stress and ways you can cope and prevent job burnout;
  • discuss sources, signs and effects of stress in children and families and ways to support them.

*Learning outcomes are measurable statements that let you know what you will be able to do as a result of successfully completing this course.

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