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What are the benefits of having a CDA Credential in New York?

According to the CDA Council, over 40,000 CDA Credentials have been awarded in New York. Having a CDA certification is a great achievement!

In New York State:

  • having a CDA (plus either a plan of study leading to a bachelor’s degree or a New York State Children’s Program Administrator Credential and additional experience) qualifies you to work as a director in a child day care center.
  • having a CDA (plus additional experience) qualifies you to work as a group teacher for preschoolers or infants and toddlers in a child daycare center.

If you are located in New York City, please refer to Article 47 of the NYC Health Code (sections 47.13, 47.15, and 47.17) or speak with your consultant from the Department of Health for the guidelines on how a CDA can be used and what requirements you need in order to work as a Group Teacher and/or Daycare Director.

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What are the benefits of Care Courses' CDA training?

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Care Courses' CDA training and CDA renewal training prepare CDA applicants for obtaining and renewing their National CDA Credential. Our team of friendly CDA specialists is here to support you with your CDA and ensure you are put on a path to success. We offer unlimited, free, one-on-one support with all of our courses. You have the option of taking our courses in our fully online format or in our CourseBook format, giving you the flexibility you need to complete your coursework. Moreover, we have an exceptional track record and have helped tens of thousands of early childhood professional successfully complete their CDA clock hours and go on to obtain their CDA credential.

In July 2017, the CDA Council for Professional Recognition awarded Care Courses the new CDA Gold Standard certification in recognition of the quality of our courses, the unlimited, free support services we provide for our students, and our effective online and CourseBook training options. In 2022 we became an official partner of the Council. The Council recommends us for CDA training in New York on their New York state fact sheet. We are proud to work closely with the CDA Council to support early childhood professionals throughout the entire United States.

Have a question about the CDA Credential? Sign up for our free CDA tutorial. Give us a call during our office hours at 1-800-685-7610 or email us at to talk to one of our CDA specialists. We are here to help!