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Preschool CDA Subject Areas

As part of the application requirements for a CDA you must complete 120 hours of formal child care training. This training must cover eight subject areas as outlined by the Council for Professional Recognition, and you must complete a minimum of 10 hours of training in each subject area. Our Preschool CDA training meets all of these requirements. To learn about how each subject area is addressed by our courses, please refer to the following chart.

Preschool CDA Subject Areas & Care Courses

CDA Subject Areas

Care Courses included in the Preschool Set and how they apply to the CDA Subject Areas

1. Planning a safe and healthy learning environment
Managing Health and Safety + Many Ways to Learn
2. Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development
Preschoolers in Child Care
3. Supporting children’s social and emotional development Child Development and Guidance + Preschoolers in Child Care
4. Building productive relationships with families Parents and Child Care
5. Managing an effective program operation Parents and Child Care + The Early Childhood Professional
6. Maintaining a commitment to professionalism  The Early Childhood Professional
7. Observing and recording children’s behavior Observing, Recording and Assessing Children’s Development
8. Understanding principles of child development and learning
Principles of Child Development and Learning
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