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Shawn in New York

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Danielle in Wisconsin

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Lynn in California

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Making Learning Fun

20 Clock Hours / 2.0 CEUs

Making Learning Fun

Making Learning Fun Course Description: 

This course applies to toddlers and preschoolers. Presents a wealth of tested and successful techniques for providing terrific learning environments. From cooking projects to clay, music and art activities to obstacle courses, dramatic play to inter-generational programming, you will find enticing ideas for both indoor and outdoor excitement. Course discusses how children learn; explains adults' role in children's learning process; and explores ways to use projects for fun learn experiences. See course topics listed below for more information on what is covered.

Learning Outcomes: After completing Making Learning Fun you will be able to explain the importance of play in young children’s learning; list curricula and activities that are appropriate for young children; identify ways to incorporate books into children’s other learning experiences; and explain strategies to assume an appropriate and beneficial role in children’s learning. Read more.

Course Formats
Course IDCourse FormatCourse LanguageClock HoursIACET CEUsQuantityTuition 
MLE-13N9 CourseBook English202.0 $60.00
MLE-23N9 Online Course English202.0 $60.00

Please note: You need only ONE of the formats listed above. Choose either CourseBook OR Online Course format.

Topics Covered in Making Learning Fun:

  • How children learn
  • Why academic programs are not appropriate for young children
  • Adults' role in children's learning
  • Ways to use projects in early childhood facilities
  • Using cooking in the early childhood classroom
  • Using open-ended art activities in early childhood facilities
  • Using creative music experiences in early childhood facilities
  • Using story re-enactment in early childhood facilities
  • Using dramatic play in early childhood facilities
  • Using obstacle courses in early childhood facilities
  • Ways that inter-generational programs can provide fun learning experiences for young children and also benefit elders
  • Ways to establish and manage a successful inter-generational program

Prerequisites: Must be able to fluently read and write English.

Instructional methodology: Read written material; view videos; listen to audio segments.

Assessment methods: Multiple choice quizzes and written assignments.

Comments on Making Learning Fun:  

I received my course just a day or so after ordering it, thank you for getting it out to me so quickly. I have finished the first lesson and enjoy the freedom of studying when I can fit it into my already busy day. I am looking forward to implementing the ideas from the course into my classroom, to ensure my children are having fun while learning. - Finksburg, Maryland

Thanks for the care during the course!!  I am well on my way to a renewal CDA. Thanks to the staff for the wonderful courses. I really enjoyed the books and the reading. Thanks again - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Everything is going wonderful so far! I am scheduled to complete 140 hours before this summer and have already submitted 100 to you, received 20 back graded, and still waiting on the remaining 80 in the mail. The coursework was very insightful, fun to learn, and an easy read! There were so many issues touched on that increased my knowledge of certain childcare issues even further, overall very good quality work you provide! - Woodville, Texas 

First, I want to thank you all for coming out with these wonderful courses. After working 10 or 11 hours a day, I find myself so tired that the last thing I want to do is attend evening courses. These courses have allowed me to get the hours that I need. In the past, I have enjoyed many of your courses and none have been so interesting as this one. I have to say that this course was a real challenge for me. It must be my age, ha, ha, I will be 68 years old and near my retirement. However, it has been 25 years of pure enjoyment. I think the kids have kept me alive. For our project that we did hands on, we planted beans -- one day we were having bean tacos and the children wanted to know where beans come from and I decided that this would be a good idea for our project since it would be easy but a little messy and fun for the little ones to do. We spread out newspapers and sat on the floor. Each one had their own paper cup and a little dirt and a few beans. I did the first one and they followed. In about a week they could see their plant growing and were very happy. Thank You. - Irving, Texas

The first course I am working on,  "Making Learning Fun," is incredible.  I am impressed with the material; it is new information, interesting, and is info I'll share with my co-workers at our preschool. The idea of projects in the classroom sounds wonderful! - Pflugerville, Texas

Completion deadline: This training expires 12 months from the date of purchase. Courses must be successfully completed by their expiration date in order for the student to receive a certificate.
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