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Toilet Learning

2 Clock Hours / 0.2 CEUs / $18.00

Toilet Learning Toilet Learning Course Description: 

This course applies to toddlers.

Learn how to manage toilet learning in young children's development in a positive way that will ensure their cooperation and success. This course includes ways to coordinate with parents and information about toilet learning and special needs, including autism. See the course topics listed below for more information on what is covered.

Learning Outcomes: After completing Toilet Learning you will be able to distinguish between the signs that a child may be ready to start toilet learning and the signs that a child is ready to start toilet learning, describe effective toilet-learning techniques, and explain how to coordinate the toilet-learning process with parents.

Course Formats
Course IDCourse FormatCourse LanguageClock HoursIACET CEUsQuantityTuition 
TLE-13N9 CourseBook English20.2 $18.00
TLE-23RL9 Online Course English20.2 $18.00

Please note: You need only ONE of the formats listed above. Choose either CourseBook OR Online Course format.

Topics Covered in Toilet Learning: 

  • Why we use the term “toilet learning” rather than “toilet training”
  • The caregiver's role in young children's toilet learning
  • When to start toilet learning
  • How to prepare children for toilet learning
  • Effective toilet-learning techniques
  • Effective hand and toileting hygiene
  • Behaviors to avoid
  • Tips for working together with parents
  • Information to help you support toilet learning for children with autism
  • Helpful ways to handle accidents

Prerequisites: Must be able to fluently read and write English.

Instructional methodology: Read written material; view videos; listen to audio segments.

Assessment methods: Multiple choice quiz and written assignments.

Student Comments on Toilet Learning:

All went well with my training course; Toilet Learning.  It was very informative and I love the concept of toilet learning as opposed to "toilet training".  I shared some of the information with a parent concerning saving the cost of pull ups over regular  disposable diapers. Her son really does not have the desire to use the potty nor does he have the ability to control his bladder or bowel movements. He is big for his age and she still prefers his wearing pull ups. So I am ok with her choice, but I have changed my focus on his toilet learning while in my care. Thanks for a great course - Owings Mill, Maryland

I love all the Care Courses I have taken. I am in the process of taking three of your courses and find them extremely helpful. Also I have shared some of the suggestions regarding potty training with one of my families. Their little one although 3 years old has had no interest in potty training and they were a bit worried when they were seeing no results at all. I wanted to be a support to them but felt he was not ready for toilet training yet and did not want the little one to get frustrated.  After reading some of the information I suggested,  they realized that he is just not ready for toilet training at this time. They have decided to be patient and wait a couple of months before trying again. WHEW!! Thank you for some great info. - Westminster, Colorado 

I have really enjoy taking the courses [Biting Hurts!, Toilet Learning] so far!! I am currently renewing my license after a long leave from ECE. I wish I had this years ago!!! I love the information and it has proven to be so helpful to me and the other staff!!! I feel like I want to take each one as they all apply to everyday life in our daycare day. Thank you !!! - Fernie, British Columbia

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