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"Care Courses just arrived yesterday. We are thankful for this service you provide and the flexibility it allows in getting training hours completed. Thank you!”  

Robin, West Columbia, South Carolina

jane“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I love the courses you have to offer, the service is friendly and so efficient. I am hooked for life.”  

Jane, Rockville, Maryland

Care Courses offers online training classes and book courses for child care providers, home visitors and parents. Use our childcare professional development clock hours for most US States continuing education inservice requirements and registries, for CDA Certification (Child Development Associate Credential), for CDA Renewal and for NAC Renewal. All our professional development courses give both Clock Hours and IACET CEUs toward CDA Renewal.

Our informative child care training programs can be completed anywhere and at any time. Study at home, at the park, or wherever is most convenient for you. Then go online to complete and submit your coursework. Our friendly, knowledgeable instructors offer unlimited free student support by phone or email, and are always happy to help!

Early childhood child care training can be fun, interesting, and relevant to your daily work and experience! We've been offering professional development classes for over 20 years; we love what we do and truly want to make your experience fantastic.

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Care Courses Reviews

"Thank-You. Everything went very well [The Early Childhood Professional]...smoothly and quickly. The Care Courses are the, 'only way to go.' After years of taking training hours the old fashion way... I'll never take training any other way. I hope you continue to add new courses." - Salem, Oregon The Early Childhood Professional
Social-Emotional Development "I am so grateful for Care Courses. They make getting my required continuing education hours so easy. Receiving the courses [Social-Emotional Development] quickly and a rapid response for grading and sending the certificates are great! Plus, the classes are well planned and informative. Thanks so much." - Southlake, Texas
"I loved the Caring For Children in Your Home course. I ordered the book for this course and I'm so glad I did. It gave wonderful tips to use in my new home daycare. You made it quick and easy for me to get the training credits I need. I have just signed up for another online course. Thanks for making your web site easy and very user friendly." - Coosada, Alabama Caring For Children in Your Home
Toilet Learning "All I can really say is thank you for offering these courses [Creating Schedules and Routines, Toilet Learning, Stress and Day Care, and Language Development in Infants] online. I have learned more taking these classes than I did when going to university. The information given is concise and easy to understand. I love your program." - Rochdale, Massachusetts
"I truly appreciate your service [Safe Baby, Safe Child, Preventing Child Abuse and Helping Its Victims, and Friendly Environments, Safe Environments]. Being the owner of a 24hr Family Daycare Facility has all types of challenges in today's market; efficient time management being a main one. Being able to educate myself (not only to meet requirements but to truly enhance my development) is essential to maintaining the quality service I hope to provide. Being able to do it, as time allows, is a blessing truly appreciated.  Your course-work provides thought provoking insight into the care and nurturing of the little ones that grace my portals and for that I commend you." - Baltimore, Maryland Safe Baby, Safe Child
Understanding Each Other: Families, Staff and Community "Everything went very well. I really learned a lot from your program [Understanding Each Other: Families, Staff and Community]. I will be recommending your course to the other teachers and instructors at the preschool where I work. Your fees are reasonable and your response time is very prompt. I want to thank you for such a convenient program and I look forward to also doing my CDA course with you guys." - Brandywine, Maryland
"Dear Care Courses Family, I just wanted to let you know how great it was to be able to do this course [Stress and Day Care] at my own pace. I really enjoyed it. Day Care has such long hours, even after the day is over, there is always things to do to get ready for the next day, that it was nice to be able to ready this book in my own time. The course was very interesting and helpful. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful, stress free way to get my credit hours." - Orrington, Maine Stress and Day Care
Creating Schedules and Routines "Hello everything went well with the course [Creating Schedules and Routines.] I love taking Care Courses, because they are so convenient with my schedule." - St. Louis, Missouri
"I have only good words for the courses and the people behind the email link. I work a part time job after I close my daycare and this makes it nearly impossible to learn or to accumulate required credits. I have recommended Care Courses to many people including my clients that are special needs pre school teachers. Even when I had a problem and contacted you, you responded immediately and helped me resolve my issue.  I'm doing another course [Language Development in Infants] now and will continue gaining knowledge and credits thru your courses. Thank you so much." - Framingham, Massachusetts Language Development in Infants
Child Care Administration "Everything arrived and I am already well into the course [Child Care Administration]. :) The courses are super easy to follow and complete! They are a great way to receive knowledge and earn training hours at the same time. I really enjoy them." - Breezy Point, Minnesota
"Everything went very smoothly. In fact the books arrived much sooner than expected. I didn't believe I was going to actually 'learn' anything, but I am pleased to report that there was a lot of valuable information contained in the course. I found myself highlighting, writing notes and adding pages to my files for further review. Thank you for a well written and interesting course." - Hanover, Maryland First Steps in Child Care: An Orientation
Parents and Child Care "This was a great, fast, easy experience [Let's Play Outdoors and Parents and Child Care]. I talked to several people at Care Courses and everyone was helpful and kind. I could not believe the speed in which I got my grades back. Thank you very much." - Amarillo, Texas
"The children and I want to thank you for such a wonderful learning experience in this lesson that I ordered from you [Discipline in Child Care]. I have been doing in-home family day care for 26 years now and have used positive techniques talked about in this lesson. however I have renewed some things that I had forgotten over the years. The children I have are well might say I understand their capabilities for each of their ages. At this time I have 2 boys that are 2 years old, 1 boy that is 16 months, 2 girls that are 13 months, and  1 12 month old.  each one has different life styles at home.  Either single parents, married but divorced, parents that have structure and security at home and some that have no security. Each child shows the life style and needs in a different way. We have to stay on our toes around here and know some of why the child acts in different ways. My mother in law lives with me and is also reading the literature you sent to me as she is sometimes watching the children wile I run after my own 10 year old at school. I have raised 4 children of my own. Reading this lesson has helped me to realize why my own children acted in certain ways over the past 25 years. Thank you so much for this lesson. I will be telling everyone in my Child Care Providers Association here in Irving, Texas about your classes. I loved being able to work in this in my own spare time. (which I don't have much of around here) I will be using your services in the future." - Irving, Texas Discipline in Child Care
Active or Hyperactive? "This course [Active or Hyperactive?] defined my daughter to a tee! She has always been so difficult to handle and my mom calls her 'spoiled.' It was so good to read this course and keep saying, 'Yes, that is my kid!' Thank you for offering such a wonderfully helpful course." - Dallas, Texas
"I would recommend you guys to anyone. The course [Managing Health and Safety in Child Care] was easy to understand as well as the quiz. I also received my certificates sooner than I expected. Thanks so much!!" - Glenwood, Illinois Managing Health and Safety in Child Care
Discipline in Child Care "Discipline in Child Care is SUPER! SUPER! It is very well organized, and the articles are excellent. Caregiver Attitudes and Language offers much important information for communication with children. Topics on Patience or Understanding and Responsive or Restrictive Language were very enlightening to me. I have become more aware of what I say. I feel that I am making my children's environment more positive. I am also better able to handle problems with more understanding, confidence and with much less stress." - Minot, Maine
"Just want to let you know that Care Courses [Child Development and Guidance, Toddlers in Child Care, Principles of Child Development and Learning and Infants in Child Care] is great!!! I get my books mailed to me in a timely manner and the instructions are very thorough and easy to understand!! You guys are the best!" - Middlesex, New Jersey Toddlers in Child Care

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