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Shawn"I am having a ball doing these courses. So much of it is very interesting and also touches a lot on what I learned in college. I decided to go into child care and my director recommended me to take the CDA course. I think it is great."

Shawn in New York

jane“I just want to say I enjoyed taking this online class. It’s was very easy to complete online, since I’m not much of a computer person. It was nice to work on it when it fit my hours."

Danielle in Wisconsin

Zoica“Everything went very well! I received all of my certificates in a very timely manner! I love your program and am recommending it to other staff members in our organization! I plan on using your program in the very near future myself! Thank you for such a great service!”

Lynn in California

Care Courses offers distance-learning courses for child care providers and parents. Use our childcare professional development clock hours for most US States continuing education inservice requirements and registries, for CDA Certification (Child Development Associate Credential), for CDA Renewal and for NAC Renewal. All our professional development courses give both Clock Hours and IACET CEUs.

Our informative child care training programs can be completed anywhere and at any time. Study at home, at the park, or wherever is most convenient for you. Our friendly, knowledgeable instructors offer unlimited free student support by phone or email, and are always happy to help!

Early childhood child care training can be fun, interesting, and relevant to your daily work and experience! We've been offering professional development classes for over 30 years; we love what we do and truly want to make your experience fantastic.

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Texas Child Care Training 

National Childcare Credentials in Texas: 

Use our courses toward a CDA as well as to renew your CDA, NAC or CCP.

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Texas Childcare Training Requirements 

All Care Courses are accepted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for training requirements for those who work in child care centers, school age and before and after school programs, and registered and licensed child care homes. This includes clock hours for directors, operation directors, site directors, program directors, caregivers, primary caregivers, assistant caregivers, substitute caregivers, substitutes and volunteers.

Need a specific requirement like Texas SIDS, Preservice, Director license, Recognizing Child Abuse or Transportation Safety? Specific Texas requirements are listed below.

Care Courses are accepted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) in accordance with their continuing education requirement for all childcare providers according to §746.1317/§747.1315.

Care Courses are self-instruction courses.

Type of provider

Number of clock hours allowed from self-instruction courses (such as Care Courses)

 Caregivers and site directors in school-age  programs.

 Caregivers and site directors in before or after-school  programs.

 Caregivers in registered child care homes.

Up to 12 hours of annual training

Operation directors and program directors in school-age and before or after-school programs.

Up to 16 hours of annual training

Caregivers in child care centers.

Up to 19 hours of annual training

Primary caregivers in child care homes.

Directors in child care centers.

Up to 24 hours of annual training

Specific Texas Childcare Training Requirements: 


SIDS and Shaken Baby, Director Training and Qualifications, Preservice, Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse, and Transportation Safety

Texas SIDS Keeping Infants Safe (3 clock hours) meets the Texas SIDS, Shaken Baby and Early Brain Development requirement. TX Pre-Service Training
Texas Pre-Service Training (24 clock hours) meets the full 24-clock hour pre-service training requirement.
TX Directors training These child development & business/management courses are recognized for Directors' and Primary Caregiver Annual Training in Texas. TX child abuse requirement Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse, Texas Edition (1 clock hour) meets the annual 1-clock-hour requirement in child abuse for Texas childcare providers.
TX Director Qualifications Texas Director Qualifications meets the child development and business/management training requirements to become a director. TX transportation safety requirement Transportation Safety (2 clock hours) meets the Texas transportation safety requirement. Texas Senate Bill 572 requires that all providers who transport children under the age of 9 receive training in transportation safety.

Looking for training on child growth and development, guidance and discipline, age-appropriate curriculum, or teacher-child interaction? Check out our course catalog for information on the topics our courses cover. Questions? Give us a call! 

Our courses may also be used by foster parents in Texas for their annual training requirements. Please email for details.

What Texas students say: 

Discipline in Child Care Cover "I just want to say thank you for giving home child care the opportunity to have these lessons. It is great to stay home maybe with a friend or two and have fun while getting our training hours. Honestly after being in child care for over 40 years, the basic around town training's get a little repetitive so these give us a wider range of classes. Also thank you for coming up with new trainings!” – Lubbock, TX
Toddlers in Child Care Cover "I would like to say thank you for making state hours so fun and interesting to learn. I went at my own pace. I didn't have anyone over me telling me to hurry up. I learned a lot in this book [Toddlers in Child Care] and this won't be the last time that you will hear from me."
- Texas City, Texas
The Art of Child Care Cover "This is by far the best course [The Art of Child Care] I have taken in my field. I have been in child development since 1987 when I was a student at Penn State. As a junior I developed a love of child development. I actually graduated in anthropology but went into the childcare field. This course is cutting-edge. It is truly the art of child care. It encompasses my firm beliefs in how children should be interacted with. I applaud you for this wonderful study!" - Houston, Texas
Child Development and Guidance Cover

 "Everything went so smoothly with the download [Child Development and Guidance]. I completed my work and mailed in the test yesterday. Love the amount of great information and the flexibility of working at home with my busy schedule. Thanks." - Dallas, Texas


After-School Programs Cover "This material is extremely and easily applicable [After School Programs]. The course gave me a broader understanding of the interests of school-age children."
- Dallas, Texas

Opening a child care facility in Texas: 

For those of you interested in starting a day care or home-based child care facility in Texas, please contact your state licensing agency using the contact information below. The licensing agency can give you advice on the requirements, rules and regulations of your state.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services 

Texas Child Care Licensing

Phone: (800) 862-5252 or (512) 438-4800